What people are saying about TINKture….


Aja Ann – Kitty Tatt – Tattoo artist at Agency Inc. Dunedin gave TINKture a glowing review! Fab coming from a tattoo artist 😀

Angus of Timaru “The next generation in tattoo healing is now here….” blog post

Ness of Christchurch “I’ve just had another piece done by Mad Tatter at Epic Ink and I must say this is one of the best products I have come across in a long time, I get NO reactions, brill stuff”

Nikki, co owner of Lifestyle Tattoo, Auckland “TINKture is……AMAZING!!! I tried it on a new tattoo as you suggested and got hardly any chunky bits compared to my normal awfulness…..I am SOLD!”

Rachel of Wellington “My itching has gone! thank you TINKture, you are a lifesaver!”

Tara of Auckland “And once again, Mermaseille is being healed by Tinkture. I LOVE TINKTURE”! blog post

Ann, co owner of Manic Ink, Melbourne “Everyone over here in Melbourne that has given TINKture a go totally agree they love the results – Someone came in the other day and bought 3 bottles so he can get his mates on to it, won’t find a better product on the market. We love TINKture at Manic Ink, so do our clients”

Kate of Melbourne “I’m impressed with the product,my latest inking definitely healed much quicker using it”

Tina, co owner Epic Ink, Christchurch “Incredibly proud stockists of this FANFREAKINTASTIC aftercare! You seriously have to try it! Everything about it rocks…. for after care or tattoo maintenance, this is the shiz niz! We have tried sooooo many after care options and this stuff is seriously top notch! Never to mind its made in NZ and 100% natural!

Brendan of New Plymouth (using TINKture for laser removal treatments): What can i say – the arms healing super fast =) all of the blisters have dried up & now starting to flake off, hasn’t been to itchy, hasn’t been to sore- TINKs the bomb!!! The difference I’ve noticed between the TINK & Bepanthen for the initial recovery stage is they both keep the wound moist but whereas the Bepanthen stays moist for almost the whole day (6+ hours) , TINK stays moist for 2-3 hours then dries out- i think this way is more beneficial as the wound gets to dry, gets some fresh air on it then you can re-apply. The Bepanthen kind of leaves the arm greasy until you wash it with soap etc.

All feedback represented above has been publicly posted to the TINKture Tattoo After Care Facebook page

Want to try it?  Check it out here!

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