Did you know……..

Did you know if you are sick with a cold or flu (or suffer another ongoing health condition) and get tattooed, your tattoo will ‘usually’ take longer to heal – this is because your body is fighting like crazy to try and make you healthy again as well as trying to heal your new beautiful piece of ink as well as dealing with the foreign bodies (ink) you’ve just introduced to it.

Recently I read an article where a lady got a new tattoo when she was pregnant but didn’t know she was – she didn’t know for a few weeks and was getting very frustrated that her new tattoo just wouldn’t heal!  The tattoo remained in a semi state of ‘unsettledness’ (if that is even a word!) until she had the baby.  She had to go back for a touch up and it healed right up in a couple of weeks!

So expect your new ink to take a little longer if you are not in tip top condition!

And yes, of course we are going to say, TINKture is even more helpful under these conditions – the product aids and speeds the healing process under normal conditions – but the benefits are even more important if you are unwell – it protects against infection too – all in a very kind, natural & gentle way.

What prompted me to write this and remind everyone, is I got tattooed last Wednesday (24/4) and that night came down with a very nasty head & chest cold – my tattoo is taking longer to heal and go through the normal stages in the healing process – little Marco Mouse is looking great but needs a few more days – when I’m healthy (& I use TINKture as directed) I’m usually healed in 7-10 days.

Meet Marco Mouse by the fabulous Nursey at Dr Morse Inc. Wellington


You see I bruise very easily too – there is lovely light shading around Marco, represented by the end of the tattoo, with nice bruising!  TINK takes care of that very quickly though.

Poor Twitter follower freaked out by what was happening to her 6th tattoo……

I  had an interesting conversation with a lovely twitter follower yesterday, she was really worried her tattoo artist had damaged her skin during her latest tattoo (scraped her skin) – immediately I thought…. hmm more likely to be a reaction to the tattoo ink, thinking probably red ink (maybe blue)…. I asked her to send me a pic – sure enough red ink!  I was given permission to share her pics as she was very freaked out (this is her 6th tattoo so knows what to expect during the healing process) – it was very sore to touch too.

I reassured her, her body was finding it a bit tougher to ‘accept’ the red (you can see in the pics, the edges are starting to look ‘blistery’) – she had been using a combination of A&D cream & H2O Ocean Aquatat – I advised her to just use A&D at the moment while I whisk her a bottle of TINKture (TINKture will help to relieve the allergic reaction symptoms, protect against infection whilst continuing to assist the healing stages).

She ‘may’ need a bit of touching up in a month or so, but the tattoo should still heal nicely – using TINKture will also ensure it will lessen the length of time for the healing (when I’ve had a reaction to blue ink, that area took about an extra 5-6 days to heal from the rest of the tattoo) and not weeks if just left!

Taking one antihistamine tablet a day for the next 4-5 days will also help settle the symptoms too and I’ve warned her it could get worse before it gets better!  Especially to look at!  No need to get alarmed if this happens (only if infection sets in, this will be represented by heated swelling, pus or yellowy coloured ooze from an area of the tattoo, then antibiotics maybe required).

This lovely lady thought it a great idea to share so others don’t freak like she did!  I’m so pleased she tweeted about it and it was passed on to me to ease her concerns – I’m loving the design of the tattoo by the way!


So to remind you what TINKture assists with:

  • Aids and speeds the healing process (doesn’t just soothe)
  • Relieves inflammation & swelling
  • Lessens bruising
  • Relieves the pain
  • Providing relief during the itchy stage
  • Very easy to apply (comes in an ‘easy to carry around’ dripulator bottle)
  • TINKture is a 100% natural vegan product, it has not been tested on animals, just very receptive human beings AND it smells good!

TINKture will not/is not

  • Stick to your clothes or bedding
  • Thick and sticky
  • Synthetic or artificial or tested on animals