How long does a tattoo take to heal?

….. I was asked this on Twitter recently and you can’t answer that question in 140 characters! It’s just not that easily answered but it’s a great question – it depends on these factors:

Where on the body your new ink is.
Clothes can rub on the new tattoo – different fabrics will be more harsh than others – denims, tight clothes, leggings – leggings have rubbery elastic through them, that can really irritate a new tattoo and prolong the healing process – it’s a really good idea to wear loose cotton clothing.  Rubbing in general will irritate the new tattoo -cover it during your working day if necessary – making sure you uncover and wash it as soon as you are home again (so it can breathe) and reapply TINKture.

Is your new tattoo colour or black & grey?
Colour tattoos can take longer – this is because of what is in the ink – there are metals in coloured ink and these can be hard for the body to accept. Sometimes the body will reject the colour all together and push it out – this is a painful process too. Other times the body just takes time to accept the new colours (red is the hardest to heal).  The area can become quite tender to touch, can feel a little hot and swollen.  This is another reason why a specifically made tattoo aftercare product must be used. For example, TINKture contains anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, analgesic & antiseptic/antimicrobial/antibacterial properties that will help to relieve symptoms experienced by reaction to ink colours. Black & grey tattoos ‘should’ be relatively easy to heal.

Are you well?
Having a tattoo is quite a process for the body to deal with – especially if the piece is larger and/or you are getting tattooed regularly (every 2-4 weeks) over a period of time. The process of getting new ink causes pain and stress, the body reacts to that by pumping adrenalin through you – fight or flight kicks in – and this is all to help cope with the pain.  You may have experienced feeling really exhausted after your session, even feel like you are getting a cold or flu, your glands may swell in your neck / under your arms. This is your body dealing with the process.  If you are unwell, your immunity levels are lower than normal, your body will be trying to get you better from that and now you’ve added another complication of pumping foreign matter into you – your body will be going wwaaahhhhhhhhh! If this is happening your tattoo is going to take longer to heal.

If you have an ongoing health condition – accept that healing a tattoo may take longer than someone who is healthy.  I highly recommend you spend a week or two before your appointment building your immunity.  It can make a huge difference (I’m speaking from experience).  This is the product I use 1-2 weeks before an inking session if I’ve been sick or am having sittings close together – Le’Esscience Chill out & Boost.  I have recently recommended this to a lovely lady who experiences reactions to tattoo inks – when she uses this daily a week or two before her tattoo session, the reaction symptoms don’t happen!

First sitting, subsequent sittings, touch-ups.
First sitting tattoos will probably take the longest to heal – all going well, and depending on the above factors (oh and if you are using TINKture, as directed) your new ink should be healed between 7-14 days.  The skin could still be a little sensitive to touch in some areas – complete cell regeneration can take from 3-6 months, TINKture has properties that assist cell regeneration so its ideal to keep using once a day for as long as you feel necessary.

Subsequent sittings can take just as long if your sitting is a lengthy one and in a new area (but the same tattoo) – if it’s just to complete some colours or add shading, the healing stage should be a little quicker – touch ups usually heal even quicker (7 days). Again, this is if you are using TINKture as directed.

Reaction to ink colours / pigment rejection.
Certain colours are harder to heal than others (red is the hardest), some people’s bodies accept ink colours better than others but if you do experience a reaction to an ink colour(s) or pigment rejection, expect the tattoo to take up to a week longer to heal.  TINKture has antihistamine properties that will help to relieve symptoms so keep using it!  It can also be helpful to take an antihistamine tablet daily for a few days.  This will help relieve the itching that can be apparent.  Reaction to ink colours usually show by a specific colour healing harder (than the rest of the colours on your tattoo), it could be more raised, more tender to touch, be more red around it – you may also get little red itchy spots around the tattoo, sometimes through it too – I reiterate, keep using TINKture and use TINKture on those spots too.

Sometimes you may need a touch up from your tattoo artist if you do experience this

So in a nutshell, and if you are using TINKture (as directed), all going well, your new tattoo should be well enough healed in 10-14 days.  It is safe to use TINKture daily for as long as you need.

Now this post is certainly not meant to put you off being inked! It’s more so you can prepare yourself, but it also reconfirms why a specific product is essential to assist in healing your new tattoo.

TINKture is absolutely unique in the fact that when it was developed, all these factors written above, were taken into account – there is even an ingredient in TINKture that helps to balance the central nervous system!

Cara’s beautiful tattoo by Pepe of Bohemian Tattoos – Cara used TINKture, as directed, and this wonderful piece of body art was healed by day 10 – a marvelous result!

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Cara’s AMAZING orchids by Pepa at Bohemian Tattoos

One of the things we love about the Tattoo Expo’s we attend is the opportunity to meet some TINKture users – the Hamilton show was no exception and it was a privilege to meet Cara (lead singer of the Napier based band Ninja Monkey).  Cara was booked for a 7+ hour sitting with Pepa of Bohemian Tattoos, Tauranga based Tattoo artist.  Cara was going to use TINKture for the first time!

Cara was an absolute trooper, sitting for the 7+ hours plus needed to complete her breath taking tattoo (in real like it looks like an oil painting).

Now Cara was used to using Bepanthen so TINKture was going to be a total new experience for her – we had a quick chat and recap on how she should use TINKture and off she went.










Cara was THRILLED with the results – so much so, she wrote to me to report her experience – she was very happy for us to share (the words below are Cara’s & unedited)

So, here are the facts.  My tattoo took 7.5 somewhat painful hours to complete but thanks to TINKture only took 10 days to heal!  For a piece that covers the majority of my upper right arm, I was expecting a good few weeks of tenderness, bruising, swelling and healing.

This is what I found using TINKture:
By day three the swelling and redness had practically disappeared.
Days four through seven were spent peeling – TINKture eased the itchiness that usually accompanies this stage!
Days eight through ten there were a few drier scalier patches that have since healed beautifully.

TINKture is a fantastic product.  It is easy to use, didn’t pull at my skin when I applied it, isn’t sticky, soothes the skin and most importantly, healed my tattoo quickly. I also found that it was a multi-use product – having allergies to adhesives, I developed a nasty rash where the gladwrap had been taped to my skin after my tattoo was completed, but after a couple of applications of TINKture, it had cleared right up.

I won’t use anything else on any future tattoos and will definitely recommend TINK to all of my inked up friends and family.

Thank you Cara – it was awesome of you to share this with us – I’m sure it will help others to re-think the old aftercare they may use, that doesn’t have the natural healing properties & benefits TINKture does.