TINKture fantastic for weird reactions to older tattoos…..

We’ve had some wonderful feedback over the last few months from a few people who have purchased TINKture, not to help heal new ink, but to help flatten lumpy, bumpy skin (where the skin has reacted to an ink colour) and tattoo scarring.

In one case, the tattoo was almost 5 years, the person was experiencing raised areas and itchiness within a certain area of his tattoo – he told me it looked like the ink was going to ‘pop’ out!  He purchased a bottle of TINKture and it settled it down within a week or two – the user was thrilled!

Another case, the user had been sunning herself at bit too much and one of the colours reacted to the sun (the tattoo was a few months old) – again TINKture settled this where no touch ups were required.

And lastly, a tattoo a few months old, had some scarring from the skin being a little overworked – TINKture was applied to the affected small area morning and night for 1-2 months – the report back – “it’s smooth as a babies bottom now!”

TINKture has properties in it that help the body to regenerate new cells (associated with wound healing and can lessen and smooth scarring), antihistamines properties (to help with allergic reactions), anti-inflammatory and antipruitic (prevents itching).

And yes! This means you can use TINKture for other wound healing and to assist in diminishing / fading scars & stretchmarks – naturally!










Cara’s AMAZING orchids by Pepa at Bohemian Tattoos

One of the things we love about the Tattoo Expo’s we attend is the opportunity to meet some TINKture users – the Hamilton show was no exception and it was a privilege to meet Cara (lead singer of the Napier based band Ninja Monkey).  Cara was booked for a 7+ hour sitting with Pepa of Bohemian Tattoos, Tauranga based Tattoo artist.  Cara was going to use TINKture for the first time!

Cara was an absolute trooper, sitting for the 7+ hours plus needed to complete her breath taking tattoo (in real like it looks like an oil painting).

Now Cara was used to using Bepanthen so TINKture was going to be a total new experience for her – we had a quick chat and recap on how she should use TINKture and off she went.










Cara was THRILLED with the results – so much so, she wrote to me to report her experience – she was very happy for us to share (the words below are Cara’s & unedited)

So, here are the facts.  My tattoo took 7.5 somewhat painful hours to complete but thanks to TINKture only took 10 days to heal!  For a piece that covers the majority of my upper right arm, I was expecting a good few weeks of tenderness, bruising, swelling and healing.

This is what I found using TINKture:
By day three the swelling and redness had practically disappeared.
Days four through seven were spent peeling – TINKture eased the itchiness that usually accompanies this stage!
Days eight through ten there were a few drier scalier patches that have since healed beautifully.

TINKture is a fantastic product.  It is easy to use, didn’t pull at my skin when I applied it, isn’t sticky, soothes the skin and most importantly, healed my tattoo quickly. I also found that it was a multi-use product – having allergies to adhesives, I developed a nasty rash where the gladwrap had been taped to my skin after my tattoo was completed, but after a couple of applications of TINKture, it had cleared right up.

I won’t use anything else on any future tattoos and will definitely recommend TINK to all of my inked up friends and family.

Thank you Cara – it was awesome of you to share this with us – I’m sure it will help others to re-think the old aftercare they may use, that doesn’t have the natural healing properties & benefits TINKture does.



Poor Twitter follower freaked out by what was happening to her 6th tattoo……

I  had an interesting conversation with a lovely twitter follower yesterday, she was really worried her tattoo artist had damaged her skin during her latest tattoo (scraped her skin) – immediately I thought…. hmm more likely to be a reaction to the tattoo ink, thinking probably red ink (maybe blue)…. I asked her to send me a pic – sure enough red ink!  I was given permission to share her pics as she was very freaked out (this is her 6th tattoo so knows what to expect during the healing process) – it was very sore to touch too.

I reassured her, her body was finding it a bit tougher to ‘accept’ the red (you can see in the pics, the edges are starting to look ‘blistery’) – she had been using a combination of A&D cream & H2O Ocean Aquatat – I advised her to just use A&D at the moment while I whisk her a bottle of TINKture (TINKture will help to relieve the allergic reaction symptoms, protect against infection whilst continuing to assist the healing stages).

She ‘may’ need a bit of touching up in a month or so, but the tattoo should still heal nicely – using TINKture will also ensure it will lessen the length of time for the healing (when I’ve had a reaction to blue ink, that area took about an extra 5-6 days to heal from the rest of the tattoo) and not weeks if just left!

Taking one antihistamine tablet a day for the next 4-5 days will also help settle the symptoms too and I’ve warned her it could get worse before it gets better!  Especially to look at!  No need to get alarmed if this happens (only if infection sets in, this will be represented by heated swelling, pus or yellowy coloured ooze from an area of the tattoo, then antibiotics maybe required).

This lovely lady thought it a great idea to share so others don’t freak like she did!  I’m so pleased she tweeted about it and it was passed on to me to ease her concerns – I’m loving the design of the tattoo by the way!


So to remind you what TINKture assists with:

  • Aids and speeds the healing process (doesn’t just soothe)
  • Relieves inflammation & swelling
  • Lessens bruising
  • Relieves the pain
  • Providing relief during the itchy stage
  • Very easy to apply (comes in an ‘easy to carry around’ dripulator bottle)
  • TINKture is a 100% natural vegan product, it has not been tested on animals, just very receptive human beings AND it smells good!

TINKture will not/is not

  • Stick to your clothes or bedding
  • Thick and sticky
  • Synthetic or artificial or tested on animals




A wonderful review about TINKture

This email made my day…..  I really do appreciate clients taking the time to write to me, thank you Annika.

Hi Gillian!

Just wanted to let you know how much i love the tattoo oil. I love everything about it, the packaging it simple and cute, the oil smells lovely and most importantly it is looking after my latest tattoo like a dream 🙂

Up until now i have used Bepanthan ointment for all my tattoos mainly because that was what i was recommended when i first started getting tattooed, and i never questioned it. While i had no problems with it, it was thick and sticky, it got all over my clothes and i would have to peel them off gingerly when getting undressed. Tinkture is just what i wanted, its a great thin texture and it moisturisers and heals while letting my skin breath. On Tuesday i had a 5 hour sitting to start a large tattoo on my arm and once i got the oil i used it right away. because of such a long sitting i was really sore, swollen and bruised and the Tinkture oil really help to soothe and calm my poor arm. I’ve been using it 4-5 times a day thinly and the bit of scabbing i had has almost completely gone. I have one more long sitting in a few weeks so i intend to keep using it till then and then get my tattoo artist to put it on after the next session!

I was so pleased i convinced my flatmate to buy some while he was up in Auckland getting his sleeve finished and he is also very impressed (and so is his vegan girlfriend!). I will take the bottle in to my tattoo artist next time as well as he is travelling to some conventions soon and also works overseas most of the year. a bit of networking is deserved for such a great product 😉

So in all, thank you for filling a much needed gap in the market and i really hope your business venture gets even more successful because it’s awesome! i will be buying more in the future.


Annika gave me permission to publish her comments – again, thank you Annika.

For wholesale enquiries, if you would like to stock TINKture Tattoo After Care please contact TINKture@LeEsscience.co.nz or phone +64 27 6000 289.  Will stock worldwide.

TINKture Tattoo After Care has won an award!

Last night TINKture Tattoo After Care won the ‘Consumers Product’ category in the Bright Ideas Challenge (Wellington, New Zealand) through Grow Wellington.

Quoted from Bright Ideas Challenge:

“The Bright Ideas Challenge, an initiative of Grow Wellington, encourages idea generation and facilitates connections and support between entrepreneurs and Wellington’s innovation community.  Only in its second year, the Bright Ideas Challenge has attracted an outstanding 925 submissions from entrepreneurs around the Wellington Region. 

“The entrants in this year’s Bright Ideas Challenge are an impressive reflection of the aptitude and depth of Wellington’s entrepreneurial community,” said Nigel Kirkpatrick, Chief Executive of Grow Wellington.  “As a region, Wellington really is an entrepreneurial hub; the ideas that have been generated by the 2011 Challenge are a huge testament to that.”

TINKture was selected for the finals due to a ‘major problem’ the product solves, not just soothing but providing pain relief and being an overall specific wound healing product that aids and speeds the healing process of a new tattoo. To win the award is just fantastic, exciting and very humbling.

The award has made us really chuffed 😀 It certainly tells us we are doing something right!

To see a list of other categories, winners and worthy overall winner, take a peek here

Now you really wanna buy some TINKture don’t you! 😉  See what all the fuss is about!