Is Tattoo Aftercare ok to use if it contains a fragrance (aroma)?

Recently I’ve seen a few articles about the healing of tattoos and quite a few of them comment that only ‘fragrant’ free products should be used.  This isn’t quite accurate.

Definitely highly perfumed ‘synthetic’ products should be taken a wide birth, definitely avoided, in fact any product that isn’t made specifically for tattoo aftercare (or wound healing) should be avoided plus any products that contain any type of barrier ingredient – the new tattoo (which is basically a fresh wound) needs to be able to breath, barrier creams and ointments don’t allow this and all sorts of problems can occur!

And yes of course I’m defending TINKture Tattoo Aftercare because TINKture smells divine (we think so and are consistently told this too) – but the point of difference is TINKture is made using 100% pure essential oils and essential oils (most of them) smell exquisite! And most importantly TINKture is also blended to a dilution that is so gentle, yet highly effective, where reactions are rare and the essential oils selected are specifically for the purpose of assisting healing of the skin and none are potential skin irritants. Perfect!

So my advice to you is to:

  • purchase an aftercare products specifically made to aid the healing process of your new ink
  • read the label of the product you do choose to use, if it says it contains ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’, this means a ‘lab made synthetic smell’ and YES, this type of synthetic ingredient CAN cause reactions / rashes
  • ask questions of the manufacturer of the product you are using if you are concerned
  • of COURSE we would love you to use TINKture Tattoo Aftercare (we ship worldwide)
  • you may find this article very helpful too How long does it take to heal a tattoo


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The recipe and ingredients of TINKture Tattoo Aftercare are a ‘Trade Secret’ and are protected as such under strict secrecy guidelines .  TINKture is made from high grade 100% pure essential oils & carrier oils.


TINKture is the product of Clinical Aromatologist and business woman Gillian Parkinson of Le’Esscience Limited.  Gillian has a practice in Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand where she sees clients on a consultation basis and prepares 100% natural essential oil complimentary health products using pure high quality essential oils, and carrier oils.  Le’Esscience Limited was formed in 2009.

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