Win a TINKture prize pack!

Prize pack includes:

35ml bottle of TINKture
15ml bottle of TINKture
6 ml bottle of RAPture
TINKture Poster
TINKture iPhone 4 & 4s Cover (it is a hard case cover, good quality made by Case Mate)
We are sorry if you don’t own an iPhone 4 or 4s – perhaps you could give it away as a gift!

Value: $100 (NZD)

How to enter:

Simply visit the TINKture website and name two of the five properties TINKture provides while your tattoo is going through the healing process and tell us in your own words what RAPture does!  This information can be found easily on the TINKture website.

Make sure you include your full name & email address (so we can contact you if you are the winner) when you post your answer in the comments section below.

Competition is open now and will close Sunday Dec 15th 5pm (EST).
RULES: You MUST like the TINKture Tattoo Aftercare Facebook page to be eligible to win (this will be checked).  The competition is open to all TINKture Likers worldwide.  The winner will be drawn randomly under supervision and will be sent via courier within New Zealand & Airmail anyone else in the world, before Christmas.  DON’T forget to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you are the winner!


18 Comments Add yours

  1. ashleigh rea says:

    Providing relief during the itching stage
    Powerful but gentle antiseptic/antibacterial properties
    Personally I haven’t used Rapture before but I’m down for something new, give it a go, might start something 😛

  2. Rachell Wills says:

    this is the best mix to use for yr ink session 🙂

    1. Le'Esscience says:

      Sorry Rachell, but this answer doesn’t get you in the draw – have another read of what you have to do 😀

  3. Tinkture provides pain relief and speeds up the healing process! Rapture is a different type of pain relief that you inhale (I am imagining has a similar effect as the gas that hospitals prescribe for mothers giving birth). And this is me – Jonathon Hagger,

  4. Matt Bartley says:

    Using TINKture does the following.
    Greatly reducing swelling & bruising
    Providing relief during the itching stage
    RAPture helps you get through the pain of being tattooed when its getting too much to handle.
    P.S I’ve used both these products and they are super awesome. I highly recommend them to anyone getting a tattoo, whether its your first piece or your 50th.

  5. Tink – aside from smelling awesome, it reduces swelling, is antibacterial, stops the evil itches, minimises bruising and stops the owchiness. nothing quite as awesome as Nursey slathering on the soothing Tink right after inking.

    Rapture – well it kind of takes your mind to another place and pours a mist of calm through the pain addled mind. It stops me twitching by giving me something to concentrate on too, and makes those last touches which are oh so painful way more bearable.

  6. Joe Scanlon –
    Two propities of TINKture is as follows ;TINKture speeds up and aids the healing process remarkably ;D and it also acts as a powerful but gentle antiseptic.
    RAPture is a completely natural formula that is delivered nasally and helps one get through any pain experienced with getting a tattoo, and also comes in handy for many other things c:

    Cheers 😀

  7. Sheryl Williams says:

    Tink reduces swelling and bruising also assists n the “Itchy” Stage

    Rapture is used for those hard to handle times when being tattooed n those sensitive spots, calm and relaxing 😀

    Fantastic Products should b used by all that have or are having Ink xox

  8. Kim Watson says:

    kim watson –

    Tinkture speeds up the healing process and it had antibacterial,antiseptic processes and reduces swelling
    Rapture helps when u are sitting for a tattoo for a long time if u get nauseous and keeps u calm and relaxed 🙂

  9. Mara Bolt says: – Mara bolt =)
    Powerful but gentle antiseptic/antibacterial properties
    Greatly reducing swelling & bruising
    rapture has essential oils that you can inhale while getting inked it helps with you buy getting rid of slight headachs and shock etc. so basically it helps you relax a bit more so while getting inked it dose not hurt as much.

  10. Saffron Clark says:

    Provides pain relief
    Provides relief during the itching stage

    TINKture is also the scent of the goddesses ❤

    By inhalation, through a tissue or delightful vintage cotton handkerchief with intricate rose embroidery, whilst struggling through the painful delight of getting that highly anticipated new ink; you will experience relief, accompanied by an overwhelming calmness that can only be described as RAPture.

  11. Aside from the lovely scent, TINKture provides pain relief and itch relief during the healing process, It also works as an antibacterial.

    RAPture has oils that you inhale. This will help you relax while getting a tattoo and get rid of any slight headaches, nauseousness, etc.

    These are both such lovely products. They are a great investment, and anyone who turns down an opportunity to get these are crazy (not in a good way).♥

    -Victoria Raub
    email addresses:


  12. Nicki Papworth says:

    Pain relief and an antiseptic – I have cause to know for both these things!

    RAPture is that breath of fresh air I need to get me through. Few of us do it for the pain…

  13. – Providing relief during the itching stage
    – Aids in speeding the healing process
    (not to mention no nut allergy risks!!)

    RAPture is an inhalant that assists with removing the most painful parts of getting inked, but conversely also brings you back from feeling too light headed. Awesome!

    Margaret Hester

  14. karen woods says:

    speeds up the healing process
    pain relief and an antiseptic

    I havent personally tried rapture but the feedback i have gotten about it i will definately be trying it

  15. Poppy Dennis says:

    TINKture speeds up the healing process & relieves that annoying itchy feeling.
    RAPture Takes you to a place that lets you get the most from your bodyink experience!

  16. Tessa Slade says:

    TINKture has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing swelling and bruising, and analgesic properties to ease pain during healing. As well as other wonderful properties which are helping me as I type with my ink reaction in my new tattoo and making it the most comfortable reaction to a irritating substance my body has ever had 🙂
    RAPture contains a blend of amazing oils and takes the edge off the pain during inking and I can’t WAIT til my second tattoo so I can actually have the chance to use the little bottle of it which is currently standing patiently on my bookcase!

    1. Tessa Slade says:

      Ooooops just realised the competition closed already but my comments still stand! And to be fair, if I’d typed this on the 15th I’d only just been inked that day so couldn’t fully appreciate the awesomeness of TINKture then 😛

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