TINKture fantastic for weird reactions to older tattoos…..

We’ve had some wonderful feedback over the last few months from a few people who have purchased TINKture, not to help heal new ink, but to help flatten lumpy, bumpy skin (where the skin has reacted to an ink colour) and tattoo scarring.

In one case, the tattoo was almost 5 years, the person was experiencing raised areas and itchiness within a certain area of his tattoo – he told me it looked like the ink was going to ‘pop’ out!  He purchased a bottle of TINKture and it settled it down within a week or two – the user was thrilled!

Another case, the user had been sunning herself at bit too much and one of the colours reacted to the sun (the tattoo was a few months old) – again TINKture settled this where no touch ups were required.

And lastly, a tattoo a few months old, had some scarring from the skin being a little overworked – TINKture was applied to the affected small area morning and night for 1-2 months – the report back – “it’s smooth as a babies bottom now!”

TINKture has properties in it that help the body to regenerate new cells (associated with wound healing and can lessen and smooth scarring), antihistamines properties (to help with allergic reactions), anti-inflammatory and antipruitic (prevents itching).

And yes! This means you can use TINKture for other wound healing and to assist in diminishing / fading scars & stretchmarks – naturally!