A wonderful review about TINKture

This email made my day…..  I really do appreciate clients taking the time to write to me, thank you Annika.

Hi Gillian!

Just wanted to let you know how much i love the tattoo oil. I love everything about it, the packaging it simple and cute, the oil smells lovely and most importantly it is looking after my latest tattoo like a dream 🙂

Up until now i have used Bepanthan ointment for all my tattoos mainly because that was what i was recommended when i first started getting tattooed, and i never questioned it. While i had no problems with it, it was thick and sticky, it got all over my clothes and i would have to peel them off gingerly when getting undressed. Tinkture is just what i wanted, its a great thin texture and it moisturisers and heals while letting my skin breath. On Tuesday i had a 5 hour sitting to start a large tattoo on my arm and once i got the oil i used it right away. because of such a long sitting i was really sore, swollen and bruised and the Tinkture oil really help to soothe and calm my poor arm. I’ve been using it 4-5 times a day thinly and the bit of scabbing i had has almost completely gone. I have one more long sitting in a few weeks so i intend to keep using it till then and then get my tattoo artist to put it on after the next session!

I was so pleased i convinced my flatmate to buy some while he was up in Auckland getting his sleeve finished and he is also very impressed (and so is his vegan girlfriend!). I will take the bottle in to my tattoo artist next time as well as he is travelling to some conventions soon and also works overseas most of the year. a bit of networking is deserved for such a great product 😉

So in all, thank you for filling a much needed gap in the market and i really hope your business venture gets even more successful because it’s awesome! i will be buying more in the future.


Annika gave me permission to publish her comments – again, thank you Annika.

For wholesale enquiries, if you would like to stock TINKture Tattoo After Care please contact TINKture@LeEsscience.co.nz or phone +64 27 6000 289.  Will stock worldwide.


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