What are the possible complications with a new tattoo?

A darn good question!

Pigment rejection is one, reaction to a specific ink colour, using after care incorrectly – these seem to be the most common complications.

I have seen all of these, experienced two of them myself.  I found an article that is most helpful on pigment rejection – the picture shows one way pigment rejection can look (I’ve seen this).  Should this happen to you and you are using TINKture, don’t stop! TINKture will help alleviate the pigment rejection symptoms – the down side to this, it will just take slightly longer for your tattoo to heal (only a matter of a few days from what I have seen).

Reactions to specific ink colours is another complication, very interesting wee article here and an excerpt from it “Some people have just a mild reaction such as small bumps and redness; others will have the red in the tattoo scab violently and their body will actually push the pigment out over the long healing process. I’ve seen this happen and the tattoo might look perfectly fine except all the red is gone!

This has happened to me twice now with a green & a red – its really weird! Every part of my tattoo was healing beautifully except these areas where only small parts of these colours were – they were slightly inflamed around the colour and tender – I kept using TINKture and they eventually came right (the healing was around 3-5 days behind the rest of the tattoo).  My body actually rejected the little green part, pushed it out! The red stayed in, just took longer to heal.

If this happens to you, again, don’t stop using TINKtureTINKture will help to settle and relieve the symptoms. And don’t pick at it either, this will just irritate it more, try and be patient, apply TINKture little and often (remember to always apply just a thin layer).  A touch-up may be required if your body completely rejects the ink and pushes it out (my lovely tattoo artist overcame my green rejection by mixing a blue & yellow together which worked perfectly).

Using an after care product incorrectly may cause some complications – especially if you use too much!  Too much moisture on your new tattoo can cause ‘sloughing’ & unnecessary scabbing – so make sure you read the instructions carefully and use as directed!  With TINKture, its safe to use ‘little and often’ – by doing this you are helping to keep up with the pain relief, stop the new tattoo from feeling ‘tight’ while its going through the healing process.  If your new tattoo is ‘dripping’ with the product – its way too much.

There are so many interesting articles around tattooing & complication- its SO important you must use a ‘quality’ after care product – a product that is specifically wound healing (because that’s what your new tattoo is), nappy creams, petroleum jellies just don’t cut it, synthetic products too – they may have been the tradition but there has been huge progress made in this area – valuable dollars spent on your new body art is worth spending another $15-$30 on protecting and aiding the oh so vital healing process.

And finally…. take a look at this article, published by Scientific American – it explains quite simply why your body may reject a tattoo ink….”In the Ink”… makes you think though huh!

Feel free to share your experiences with complications – please!


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